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                        The department of Community  Medicine of KAPV Govt. MC was started in the year 1997.  Our department provided  with  adequate number of faculty members.
                        The MBBS students are exposed to the concepts of Community Medicine in their first year. They are taken for field visits for eg.ICDS centre , Centre for rehabilitation and they attend lecture classes. (Total hours 60)
                        In the II year, apart from theory classes once a week, the students are posted for 4 weeks of block posting on two occations during which they learn the following
  1. Survey Methodology
  2. Consolidation of data
  3. Interpretation of survey data, Presentation of data
  4. Entomology (Mosquito, Housefly, Rat flea)
The role of insects in disease transmission and their control
  1. Nutrition – Balanced diet, Recommended daily allowances
  2. Family welfare methods
  3. Intestinal parasites and their control
  4. Vaccines and vaccination schedule
  5. A visit to primary health centre and observation of its functions
  6. A visit to urban health centre and observation of its functions
  7. A visit to walk -in -cooler vaccine storage unit and learning about cold chain maintance
  8. A visit to filaria control unit and learning about the physiotherapy available for filariasis
  9. A visit to Milk dairy to learn about Milk hygiene
In the III year, the students in addition to theory classes, learn the following in the block posting of 4 weeks.
  1. Integrated Management of Neonatal and  childhood illness
  2. Chlorination
  3. Epidemiology and calculations based on epidemilolgical sudies
  4. Screening for diseases
  5. Calculation of health indicators
  6. Test of significance
  7. Entomological indices
  8. Clinicosocial case studies of
 Diabetes mellitus
 AcuteDiarrhoeal Disease
 Acute respiratory infection
Prizes and award:
                  Intecollagiate MCQ examination in community medicine is conducted in our college by the Department of community medicine Government Stanley MC, Chennai and Star foundations ,chennai. Cash award is given .
Workshops & Trainings:
  1. 1. Biomedical waste mangement one day  training for CRRI in association with C.P.R. environmental engineering private limited.
  2. Biomedical waste mangement training for all health staff of the Tricy district, Karur, Ariyalur & Perambalur districts.
Health programmes
  1. Urban Health programme  at Subramaniyapuram UHC:Health survey of Subramaniapuram area was done.New cases of Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus were identified and treatment is given in the UHC.Drugs allottment for two and half lakhs were given  by the NRHM to the UHC.
  2. RHTC-Inamkulathur
  3. Adolescent Health programme camps conducted by the Department of Community Medicine,Department of Paeditrics , Department of  O&G, Department of Psychiatry under the leadership of the Department of Paeditrics.

Professor - 1
Associate Professor-0
Assistant Professor - 2
Assistant Professor (RHTC) - 1
Assistant Professor (UHTC) - 1
Epidemologist cum AP - 1
Statistician - 1
Tutor - 4


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