::: Hospital Services : Services Offered
No of Units in Department Medicine-6, Surgery-6, O&G-2, Paediatrics-2,
Orthopaedics - 2
O.P.Days & Timings 7.30-12.00
i.P. Unit & Admission day (Unit wise) By rotation
Bed Strength of Department 780
Average O.P 4566 per day
Average I.P. 201 per day
Type of Surgeries performed (for Surgical departments) General Surgery, Ortho surgery , Plastic Surgery, ENT, Opthal Surgery,O&G surgery, Neuro surgery and Paediatric Surgery
Special Clinics conducted by the Department Cardiology, Diabetology, Hyper tension, Nephrology, Surgical Gasterentrology, Urology, Neuro Surgery, Paediatric Surgery, Radiology, Psychiatry, OG Department – Infertility Clinic, Adolescent clinic, Menopausal Clinic, Calposcopy clinic, USG OP, Post partum Care, Family Welfare
Our hospital provides round the clock services to the Public in all facets of Medical field
24 hours emergency service .
24 hours Labour Ward services.
24 hours Lab services
24 hours Blood Bank Services ( Whole blood and component Thearpy available)
24 hours ultra sound sono gram services and Dopler study
24 hours Radiology services
Surgical intensive care
Intensive medical care
Intensive cardiac care
Neonatal intensive care
All in patient services
Op services  for all days
108 Ambulance Services
Free Mortuary Services
ART Services
Free diet
Chief Minister’s comprehensive health insurance scheme
Master Health Checkup
Super specialty Services Like
Paediatric Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Surgical Gastro Entrology
Neuro Surgery
Special Services
Hypertension clinic
Diabetic  clinic
Postpartum clinic
Cancer screening Clinic
Gaediatric clinic
Adlosecent clinic
Infertility clinic
Menopasual clinic
Psychology councelling clinic
Deaddiction centre
Fever clinic

Monday Neurology
Tuesday Cardiology
Wednesday Well Baby clinic, Child Guidance Clinic
Thursday Nutrition
Friday Asthma
Saturday Adolescent clinic
Special clinics conducted by the ENT department:
1)Vertigo clinic
2)Hearing impaired correction clinic
3)Headache clinic
Special investigation services like
List of Laboratory tests performed: E.N.T Department
1)Pure tone audiometry.
2)Oto-acoustic emission.
Apartfrom  from Medical Services Acadamic activities like teaching the MBBS, Post Graduates, Technicians, Nursing students and Nursing Assistant students  also carried out.
Training Programmes : Training Medical Officers from GH in the field of Ultra sonogram, cEmonc and basic skill birth attendant, Calposcopy, Anaesthesia, Neotology and Bio Medical wastage Management.
First Aid Kid available in all OP block to attend all  emergency cases.
Medical Officers maintains the nominal register in their name
Post Graduate and CRRI’s assist the Assistant Surgeon in the OP
complete examination of the patient done in the OP if patient needs admission as per admission procedure patient admitted as IP patient with proper case sheet writing.
OP census
In Patient
Our hospital provided with adequate beds as per MCI norms in all departments.
Both teaching and non teaching bed available.
In patient beds arranged in wards as per requirement.
For all In patients required investigation done within  stipulated time
Adequate Oxygen cylinder and suction apparatus available in all wards.
Drugs supply is enough to meet the patient need.
Lab Services and Radiology services for 24 hours
Treatment of  Medico Legal cases done as per rule . All records relating to MLC cases maintain properly.
Patient needs superspecialty Opinion obtain immediately

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