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The  field  of  pharmacology  embraces  the  knowledge  of  the history , source ,physical  and  chemical  properties , biochemical  and physiological  effects , mechanism  of  action , absorption , distribution ,biotransformation and  excretion and  therapeutic , diagnostic and preventive uses of drugs.
The  department  of  Pharmacology  was  started at  1998  in  K.A.P.V. government  medical  college . Pharmacology  is  taught  for  second year  M.B.B.S.   students .
 In spite of didactic lectures he initiated more horizontal and vertical integration programmes.  Second  year students were  trained in experimental Pharmacology.
Second  year students are motivated to read  Pharmacology by active involvement like symposium presentation. This improves the students knowledge  and  communication  skills. Medical  exhibition was  organized  by  K.A.P.V. Government  medical  college at  2004  for public. The  department  of  Pharmacology  presented models and demonsrations  excellentally to the public and  was rewarded for the same.
Clinical  Pharmacology  and  toxicology also taught for  second year  M.B.B.S.   students. Short  term project  for undergraduates  by  ICMR  is guided .Quitz programme   is conducted in the department. Students are  encouraged and trained to attend intercollege Quitz programme .
Pharmaco vigilance  activities are organized  and monitored.

We  are  conducting the CME programmes   regularly

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