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Prof. Dr. G. Anitha  MD Dean Chairman
Prof. Dr. S. Venkata Subramanian MD MEU Coordinator Professor of Physiology
Prof. Dr. A. Arshiya Begum Member Professor of Biochemistry
Dr. R. Sudha Member Professor of Pharmacology
Dr. G. Gnanasenthil Member Assistant Professor of Physiology
Dr. C. Selvakumar Member Associate Professor of Forensic Medicine
Dr. M. Sathish Member  Assistant Professor in Physiology
Dr. D. Umadevi Member Secretary Assistant Professor of Physiology
S.No Name of the CME Department Date
CHD Connect & Karyokwiz 17
Anatomy 6-1-2017
Study designs and scientific paper writing workshop
SPM 10 – 1- 2017 & 11 - - 2017
CME and Hands on Training in electrophoretic techniques Biochemistry 27 – 1- 2017 to 28 – 1-2017

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