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College Administration:
            K.A.P.Viswanatham Government Medical College, Tiruchirappalli  is under the control of Director  of  Medical Education.  It is headed by Prof. Dr. D. Nehru, MD., joined as Dean of this College on 13.06.2022AN.  He studied his postgraduate MD General Medicine in Thanjavur Medical College. He is a very efficient teacher,  Good Academic Skills  and very good leadership Qualities.  All academic activities are supervised by the Vice Principal of this College.  Within the College campus, all the  pre, para clinical  and clinical departments are headed by the Head of the Department/Professors, and assisted by the Associate Professors/ Assistant Professors/Tutors.
Office Administration:
            In Office, there are two sections.  (1) Establishment (2) Accounts. There are two Junior Administrative Officer and there is availability of  two Office Superintendents to look after Establishment as well as the Accounts section. 
Establishment Section:
            Under Establishment,  there are nine sections.
(1)  Professors, Associate Professors Establishment(E1 Section)
(2) Assistant Professors/Tutor/Sr.Resident Establishment (E2 Section)
(3) Ministerial Staff Establishment (E3 Section)
(4) MBBS Students Section (ME1 Section)
(5) Students Scholarship/MCI Section (ME2 Section)
(6) CRRI & Post Graduate Student section (ME3)
(7) Paramedical students section (PME)
(8) Nursing students section (NE)
(9) Planning & Development section (P&D)
Accounts Section:
            Under Account Section, there are six sections.
(1) Cash Section – (A1 Section)
(2) Professors, Associate Professors Pay bill(A2 Section)
(3) Ministerial Staff Pay bill (A3 Section)
(4) Budget Section (A4 Section )
(5) Machinery,equipments and chemical purchase section (S1 section)
(6) Stationery purchase section (S2 section)

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