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History of the Department
                  The Department of Biochemistry was started on 1.9.1997. The department has qualified Professor & H.O.D, Associate Professor, Assistant Professors and Tutors as per MCI norms.  Biochemist is looking after DMLT classes. Grade-I technician is incharge of students lab. We have a molecular biology lab and immunology lab apart from students lab in the department.We have 24 hrs Biochemistry lab in MGMGH with Grade-I technician and  Grade-II technicians under the control of the Department of Biochemistry. We are conducting Journal clubs regularly and also train I MBBS students for Intercollegeate Quiz competitions. All our faculties have done research works apart from teaching.
Type of course – Medical, Paramedical
Name of the Course offered – MBBS., M.D. (Bio-Chemistry), DMLT.,
Eligibility - +2 with Merit Base (MBBS)
                      +2 Pass with Merit Base (DMLT)
Course Duration -         MBBS 5 ½ years
                                            2Years  and 3 months of Intership (DMLT)
Sanction Number of Seats – MBBS 150
                                                M.D. (Bio-Chemistry)-2 Seats
                                                DMLT 100
Affiliated University – Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University, Chennai
Selection Procedure – As per University Rules and Regulations
University Examination DetailsFirst year MBBS 2 Papers of Biochemistry with
                                                            Practical and viva   at the end of one year (MBBS)
                                                            End of Second year One paper of Biochemistry
                                                            With Practical and viva (DMLT)        
24 hrs BIOCHEMISTRY LABORATORY is functioningat MGM Govt. Hospital, Trichy with instruments like 2 fully automatic analyzesr, 4 semiautoanalyzers, 2 electrolyte analyzers,1 coagulation profile analyzer, 1 ELISA reader, one deionizer, pH meter and other instruments.
A PG lab is available at the department with facilities for molecular biology and immunology tests.
Other Academic Activities
One National conference AMBICON 2011 was conducted from 15.12.2011 to 18.12.2011 at K.A.P.Viswanatham Government Medical College, Tiruchirapalli.
I.Journal clubs conducted on the following topics:
  • Omega-3 fatty acid supplements
  • Obesity and molecular mechanism
  • PAPP-A protein in pregnancy and ACS, unstable angina & MI
  • Leptin levels and obesity
  • Micro RNA- introduction & importance
  • Recent trends in clinical chemistry
  • Nanotechnology in clinical medicine
  • Gene polymorphism in disease & health
  • Evidence based lab medicine
  • Role of ultracentrifugation on routine biochemistry analysis in lipemic Sample-
  • Maternal serum ischemia-modified albumin as marker in pre-eclampsia
-      Paraoxanase 1 an additional risk factor for atherosclerosis in postmenopausal women.  
-        Enzyme Aspartate Transaminase  and  protein  Troponin I in diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction.
-        Thyroid Autoantibodies – Is It A Diagnostic Markers InVitiligo?
-        Resistin gene polymorphism in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.
-        Phosphaturic factor FGF-23 --- a  tool in the diagnosis and management of oncogenic osteomalacia.
-        MDA, NO, Vitamin E And Calcium Phosphorus Ratio In Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients.
-      Cardiovascular Risk Factors  In Patients  With  Metabolic  Syndrome.
-        Novel   Biomarker  In Acute   Myocardial   Infarction Monosodium Glutamate leading to obesity epidemic-Silent Killer.
-        Serum ResistinAnd   Essential Hypertension.
-      Health   Risks From Drinking Water Contamination With Fluoride &Strategies For Its Prevention.
-      Gene Mutation Analysis   in   Gypsies suspected to be having ‘ALKAPTONURIA’
II. Seminars for I MBBS students
III.State level CME on Recent trends in Biochemistry was conducted in April 2011.
IV. National conference of Association of Medical Biochemists of India (AMBITRY-2011)
Conducted from 16.12.2011 to 18.12.2011 by the Department of Biochemistry in KAPV Govt Medical college.
V. National level workshops for PG students in Biochemistry conducted on 15.12.2011 by the Department of Biochemistry, KAPV Govt Medical college and Chennai  Medical College,Trichy
 The workshops conducted were :
VI. Hands on workshop on DNA extraction and PAGE was conducted in October 2012.
VII. Hands on PCR training was conducted in 2016.
List of publications from the department
About 26 research papers were presented and published in national and international conferences and journals by our department faculty.
International Conference research papers
  1. Integration of Genitic counselling and Genogram in-prevention of recurrence in multi factorial disorder and overview (ICMG) 2011.
  2. New Born Screening – Glimmaring ray of hope (ICMG) 2011.
National Conference research papers
  1. Diabesity-its early diagnosis and prevention 9TH NATIONAL  level biological congress on biotechnology Biotechnology-great expectations and achievements Jan. 2010.
  2. Urinary enzymes as early biomarker of acute tubular necrosis(ATN)-A case control study(snake bite cases.- 9TH NATIONAL  level biological congress on biotechnology Biotechnology-great expectations and achievements Jan. 2010.
  3. Metabolic syndrome and pulse pressure 9TH NATIONAL  level biological congress on biotechnology Biotechnology-great expectations and achievements Jan. 2010.
  4. Integration of genetic counseling and genogram in prevention of recurrence in multi-factorial genetic disorders-An overview International conference on Medical Genetics and Genomics 2011.
  5. Newborn screening-A glimmering ray of hope- International conference on Medical Genetics and Genomics 2011.
  6. Role of troponin-I as an important marker in myocardial infarction on 2011.
  7. Serum adiponectin levels in type 2 DM individuals 19th National AMBICON.2011
  8. Total cholesterol/HDL ratio-An individual predictor of atherosclerosis in acute coronary syndrome 19th National AMBICON 2011.
  9. A study on hypothyroidism in type 1 diabetes in rural women 19th National AMBICON.2011.
  10. Atherogenic index of plasma in PIH compared to normal pregnancy in a rural population 19th National AMBICON.2011.
  11. A study on oxidative stress in auto-immune thyroid disorders National Conference on Basic Medical Sciences on 2012.
  12. Study on early predictor of thyroid dysfunction at onset of type I diabetes-II National Conference on Basic Medical Sciences on 2012.
  13. Dyslipidemia in pregnancy induced hypertension-Identifying predictive variables through rotated component matrix- II National Conference on Basic Medical Sciences on 2012.
  14. Lipid profile in normal pregnant and PIH women from central Tamilnadu 99th Indian Science Congress on 2012.
  15. Study on prevalence of Anti TPO antibody in type I diabetes in rural women 99th Indian Science Congress on 2012.
  16. Role of C-Reactive protein(hs-CRP) in acute coronary syndrome on 2012.
  17. A low cost marker to predict the CAD risk in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes National level seminar on Recent advances in Biomedical Research on Infectious and non-infectious diseases on 2012.
  18. Study Of Serum Magnesium In Type-2 Diabetes In A Rural Population In Central Tamilnadu 20th National AMBICON 2012.
  19. Hypocalcemia and Dyslipidemia in Pre-eclampsia compared to Normal Pregnancy National AMBICON 2012.
  20.  Dyslipidemia In Preeclampsia – Risk Factor For Future Maternal Cardiovascular Diseases published in Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences Oct. 2012.
  21. Prevelance of anti-TPO antibody in type-1 diabetes and thyroid dysfunction in tpo antibody positive diabetics published in Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences Nov. 2012.
  22. Prevalence of subclinical hypothyroidism in the rural population in and around Trichy 20th National AMBICON 2012.
  23. Microalbuminuria and atherogenic dyslipidemia in healthy postmenopausal women Indian Science Congress 2013.
  24. Pattern of dyslipidemias in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients in a rural population in central Tamilnadu 100th Indian Science Congress.- 2013.
  25. Atherogenic dyslipidemia and gamma glutamyltransferase levels in obese individuals in central tamilnadu National conference on Advances in Modern Biology and Environment – 2013.
  26. Regular journal clubs and AMBICON academic club are conducted.
  27. A workshop and CME on Molecular diagnostic techniques was conducted in Sept 2013 for which 20 credit points were awarded by The TN Dr. MGR medical university.
  28. A CME was conducted on the endocrinology - Topic PCOD.
  29. Regular CMEs and workshops (Hands on training in PCR) are conducted every year

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Associate Professor 0
Assistant Professor 4
Tutor 3

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