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  • Various Medal Examinations are conducted by different departments.Every year the best outgoing student is honored during the college day.
  • Doctors from different disipline were honored for their distinguished services.
  • 2017- Our Respected Dean  Prof.Dr.G.Anitha,MD.,(GM) recently received "TRANSTAN AWARD" for  the sucessful achievement of Organ Transplantation programme in our institution from the Govt of Tamillnadu.
  • Award from Trichy City Corporation - Exemplary Dengue Activities to the Dean on 15.11.17
  • Achievements in Family welfare : PS, LS, NSV for the year 2014, 2015 and 2016 from the Government of Tamil Nadu
  • Best Dean Award - 2018 - from the Government of Tamil Nadu
  • Best Doctor Award - Dr. K. Nirmaladevi, Dr. A. Arshiya Begum, Dr. T. Karunakaran, Dr. Sirajuddin Nazeer. Dr. B. Mythili, Dr. P. Sivagurunathan - from the Government of Tamil Nadu.
  • Best Doctor Award - Dr. P.S. Chitra, Dr. Balaji, Dr. Suresh , Dr. P. Mathivanan- From the Trichy District Collector, 2018  Independence day.
  • Best Doctor Award 2019 - Dr. Ashok, Dr. Thangavel and Dr. R. Sudha - From the Hon' H.M. 

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