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Anatomy, the study of the structure of the human body, is one of the most important courses in the education of physicians, dentists, and other health professionals such as nurses and physical therapists. In most of these fields, the study of anatomy comes first in the curriculum and serves as the foundation for other courses. Studies in human anatomy began at K.A.P.V.Govt Medical College when the College was established in 1997. At that time, it was housed inside the Mahatma Gandhi Govt. Hospital Campus. In the year 2000  it was shifted to the newly built College Campus at Periyamilaguparai near the Collector office. The department is well-resourced for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching as well as for staff research.  For teaching, there are multidisciplinary laboratories, an excellent human anatomy museum, a dissection laboratory, as well as an embalming suite and cadaver-storage facilities.
The department has a state of the art dissection hall, which is well ventilated with exhaust fans and all the essential teaching aids. There are 20 dissection tables and 110 laminated gross anatomy charts. It has a capacity for accommodating 150 students. The room is available with washbasins and lockers.  
Cadaver storage
The donated and unclaimed bodies are embalmed for preservation and stored. The embalming suite has an embalming machine and all chemicals. There is a cold storage room. Three storage tanks are present to store cadavers.  A burial pit is located near the anatomy department from which bones are collected periodically for study purposes.
Body donation
As a result of the basic and expanding needs in medical education and research, the need for body donations remains critical. Fortunately, many individuals have recognized and understood these needs and the formalities for donation have been simplified by the government in recent years for easy donation of bodies. Hence we get around 80 registrations for body donation per year and also receive donated bodies periodically.
The histology laboratory is fully fledged with all the basic facilities for slide preparation and also equipped with enough light microscopes, dissection microscopes, research microscope and a new digital camera with microscope for photographing the slides and LCD monitor with computer for research and teaching purpose. It has about 100 laminated histology charts for the students to get a clear understanding of microanatomy.
The department houses a museum displaying around 300 instructive and explicit gross anatomy and embryology specimens preserved and mounted with dexterity and 50 models which have been catalogued according to regions. These silent teachers (preserved human specimens) are always there, enabling students to enrich their knowledge in Anatomy. Museum is well provided with adequate seating accommodation and there is two attached rooms for the preparation of specimens.
An in-house library with a capacity for accommodating 25 students is equipped with all the latest anatomy books numbering around 150 for immediate reference for the students.
Symposiums are conducted periodically after completion of each region.
The MBBS students regularly participate in quiz contests held in the college as well as intercollegiate quiz contests.
Integrated CME of Anatomy and Surgery departments was conducted in 2008.
An endoscopic workshop was conducted with ENT collaboration in the Anatomy dissection hall in 2011.
Oculofest- a CME was conducted in this college in 2012 in which our students participated and exhibited models of the optic pathway and won prize.
 In National Journals
 Anatomical society of India.
 Research paper “Intrahepatic branching pattern of Portal vein” was published in 2010.
National Journal of Basic Medical Sciences (NJBMS)
1. An article “Aberrant left hepatic artery from left gastric artery” was published in 2011.
2. An article, “Superior mesenteric artery arising from celiac axis associated with an Accessory left hepatic artery from Left gastric artery- a rare anatomic variation” was published recently.
In International Journals
International Journal of Anatomical Variations (IJAV)
An article, “An unusual variation in the branching pattern of Axillary artery” has been accepted to be published online soon.
On-going research
A study of “Musculocutaneous nerve variations” since 2006.
Prizes won
In the preliminary level, our students have won prizes in the quiz competition conducted by the Elsevier Publications in 2012.
In the Oculofest ( Ophthalmology workshop) conducted in 2012, in K.A.P.V.Govt Medical College, our I MBBS students won the
Second prize for their Poster Presentation on Anatomy.
Integrated teaching in coordination with the other preclinical departments along with a mediator, a specialist in Gastroenterology was conducted as per MGR university's norms on the topic Liver.

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